International Student Application

St 约瑟夫高中 is pleased to offer admissions to International Students, and encourages all to share the experiences of secondary education, 和在美国的生活. 在圣Joes, we value the rich diversity of cultural experience that international 学生 bring to our institution. 




Application Process

St 约瑟夫高中 is a day school and does not provide boarding options. 因此, all international applicants must retain the services of an International Student Agency in order to secure homestay/dorm options. 

Agencies will also provide assistance with a student's admission application. Please contact one of our suggested agencies for your next steps:

If you do not require a homestay/dorm arrangement, but will be applying as an international student and will require an I-20 for an F-1 Visa, please contact Jessica Costa, Director of Marketing and 招生 Management at




International Student Admission







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