Stock Up On Your 栗色 & 黄金装备

Located inside our school cafeteria, the SJ书店 is open daily and sells St. Joseph High School uniform apparel, spirit wear, and school supplies. 


Below you will find a number of items available for online purchase with both pick-up or delivery options.  For those requesting delivery, there is a shipping charge of $10 for orders under 3 items or $15 for orders under 5 items.  PLEASE NOTE: ORDERS MAY TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS TO BE FILLED.

We are always updating new apparel and items to our inventory! Be sure to check back often to find new and limited edition items.

Note: All sizes are 成人 sizes, unless otherwise specified. 快乐的购物! 

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书店 - Full Zip Fleece Jacket

Full Zip Fleece Jacket - $45
Colors: 栗色 or Grey 尺寸:XS - XXL

1/4 Zip Fleece Pullover - $40
Colors: 栗色 or Grey
尺寸:XS - XXL


1/4 Zip Pullover - Elevate Performance - $50
尺码:S - XL

书店 Qtr Zip Cadet Sweatshirt

1/4 Zip Cadet Sweatshirt - $45
Colors: 栗色 or Grey
尺码:S - XL

书店: Qtr Zip Grey w/ 栗色 Stripes

1/4 Zip Grey with 栗色 Stripes - $45
尺码:S - XL

书店: Qtr Zip Grey with 栗色 Sleeves

1/4 Zip Grey with 栗色 Sleeves - $45
尺码:S - XL

羊毛背心- 35美元
尺码:XS - XL

Devon and Jones QTR Zip-$50
颜色:栗色, Grey
尺码:XS - XL

QTR Zip Sweater-$45
大小: XL

SJ口罩- 10美元
Colors: Grey, Pink, Black

书店 Runner Shirt

Ladies and Men's Runners Shirt - $45
颜色:栗色 Heather
尺码:XS - XL

Ladies Side Zip Runners Shirt - $45



  Spirit wear (non-uniform Apparel)

书店 Hooded Sweatshirt

Hooded Sweatshirts - $40
Colors: 栗色, Grey, or Charcoal
Sizes: Youth Large, XS - XXL

bookstore crewneck sweater

Crew Neck Sweatshirts - $35
Colors: 栗色, Grey, or Charcoal
尺码:S - XL

Baseball Sweatshirt - $40
Colors: Grey with 栗色 Sleeves
尺码:XS - XL

书店 Sweatpants

Sweatpants  - Loose Bottom - $35
Colors: Grey or Charcoal
尺码:XS - XL

Joggers - Fitted Bottom - $35
Colors: Grey or Charcoal
尺码:XS - XL

书店: Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Short-sleeve T-Shirt - V-Neck - $15
Colors: 栗色, White, or Grey
尺寸:S - XXL

书店: LongSleeve Cadets

Long-sleeve T-Shirt - Cadets on Sleeve - $20
Colors: 栗色, Grey, or 黄金
尺码:S - XL

Baseball Style T-Shirt
颜色:栗色 with Grey Sleeves
大小:XS - XL

Baseball Style T-Shirt
颜色:灰色 Striped with 栗色 Sleeves
大小:XS - XL

Baseball Style T-Shirt
Color: White with Grey Sleeves
大小:XS - XL

书店: Plaid PJs

Plaid Pajama Pants - $35
Color: Plaid 栗色 & 黄金
大小:S - XL

书店: Mens Shorts

颜色:栗色 with Cadets in Grey Strip
尺码:S - XL

书店: Grey Mens Shorts

尺码:S - XL


尺码:XS - XL

QTR Zip Sherpa Sweater - $45
Colors: Grey, 栗色
尺码:XS - XL

Full Zip Sherpa Sweater - $45
Colors: 栗色, Grey.
尺码:XS - XL

书店: Rugby Shirt

颜色:栗色 with White Stripe
尺码:XXS - XL


颜色:栗色 with 黄金 Stripe
尺码:XS - XL

  spirit accessories (non-uniform)


书店 Baseball Cap1
书店 Baseball Cap2
书店 Baseball Cap3




Baseball Hats - $40

Colors: Grey, 黄金, or 栗色

书店 Canvas Caps
Baseball Hats - Canvas - $25
Colors: White, Khaki
书店 HatwithoutBraids

Winter Knit Cap Without Braids - $20


Draw-String Gym Bag - $12


Pro Feet Socks - $17

Cotton Infinity Scarf - $20
书店: HatwithBraids

Winter Knit Cap With Braids - $25


SJ - 30美元

书店 PopSockets

Pop Sockets——15美元



书店 Tumblers

Tervis Tumblers - $30

SJ磁铁- 10美元


SJ笔 & 用- 2美元




Alumni Canvas Cap - $25

Alumni Hooded Sweatshirt

Alumni Hooded Sweatshirt - $40

Alumni Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

Alumni Quarter Zip Sweater - $40


Alumni Tumbler - $30


bookstore ORDER FORM

  • Please allow up to two weeks for your order to be filled.

  • Please do not order items that are listed as "out of stock". 


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